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A Consultative Exam (CE) is a medical examination performed by a doctor who is contracted by the Social Security Administration. Some people who have applied for social security disability benefits are asked to have a consultative exam by the DDS examiner who is handling their claim.

Not every claimant will be asked to go for a consultative exam. If your medical records do not have enough documentation, if your application is missing a test, or if you have not been seen by your doctor recently, then the DDS examiner may ask you to schedule a CE to gather more information. If you need one, you will receive a letter with information about how to schedule it.

The purpose of a CE is to gather more information about your condition and determine limitations that will help determine your case. Your exam may include a physical, psychiatric or psychological evaluation, eye exam, and tests such as x-rays and blood work. The examiner will request the specific information or tests that are needed. The examining physician will not prescribe any medication or treatment for you.

If you are asked to attend a CE, you must go, or you may be giving the examiner a reason to dismiss your claim. If you do have a reason for missing a scheduled exam, contact your DDS examiner or the CE physician to reschedule as soon as possible.

Continue to see your doctor, take your medications, and follow any treatment plans to minimize your need to have a consultative exam.

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