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You will find the Social Security Administrative offices of Charleston, S.C. at    1463 Tobias Gadson, Blvd. The local phone number is 866-495-0111 and the toll free number is 800-772-1213. They are always closed on weekends and suggest you call ahead and make an appointment for better service.

Who is Eligible for Social Security Disability?

 The Social Security administration pays out benefits in several scenarios. First, if you are an individual who is unable to work due to any number of medical conditions, and this is a condition that will continue for a year or longer up to and including the possibility of death, you will likely qualify for social security. Conversely, for those with a short-term disability – such as a fractured bone – or having only a partial disability of some type, you will probably not qualify for social security benefits.

If you are unsure whether the impairment you suffer qualifies you for social security disability the SSA website for Springfield, MO. offers a list of diseases and conditions that are categorized as disabling. It is not necessarily comprehensive however. The important thing to note is that the disability you suffer from makes you ineligible to work.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

 The federal government provides two way for people who are disabled to receive assistance. The first is SSI or Supplemental Security Income. This is a federal welfare program that requires you be disabled with limited assets. All of the income you receive monthly, and that includes SSDI, are taken into consideration and your monthly allocation computed from this. Medicaid is included in this outlay.

The SSDI is actually a government insurance program for which the conditions for receipt of a monthly payment are not quite as strict. For example, you can actually have assets and still qualify depending on certain conditions. You must have paid into Social Security in order to receive SSDI. If you are approved it also comes with Medicare support.

It is important to note that applications for SSI and SSDI are different and separate. You must be very careful in filling out the applications correctly or you could be denied benefits. It is suggested that you make an appointment with a representative in the Springfield, Missouri Social Security offices to go over the application process. You might even benefit from getting legal advice from an experienced social security attorney.