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AAJAdministrative Appeals Judge
ACAppeals Council
ADLActivities of Daily Living (ADL)
AFGEAmerican Federation of Government Employees
AGAttorney General
AIMSAdministrative Instruction Manual System
ALCAgency Location Code
ALJAdministrative Law Judge
ALSAmyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
AMAdministrative Message
APPAnnual Performance Plan
APRAnnual Performance Report
AWICArea Work Incentives Coordinator
BLBlack Lung
BPAOBenefit Planning, Assistance, and Outreach
BUCSBounty Update Control System
BVSBureau of Vital Statistics
CDCCenters for Disease Control
CDRContinuing Disability Review
CEConsultative Exam
CFOChief Financial Officer
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CIOChief Information Officer
CMSCenters for Medicare & Medicaid Services
COLACost of Living Adjustment
COSSCommissioner of Social Security
CPIConsumer Price Index
CRContinuing Resolution
CSRSCivil Service Retirement System
CYCalendar Year
DA&ADrug Addiction and Alcoholism
DABDepartment Appeals Board
DCCommDeputy Commissioner for Communications
DCDISPDeputy Commissioner for Disability and Income Security Programs
DCFDisability Control File
DCFAMDeputy Commissioner for Finance, Assessment, and Management
DCHRDeputy Commissioner for Human Resources
DCODeputy Commissioner for Operations
DCSDeputy Commissioner of Social Security
DDSDisability Determination Services (DDS)
DIDisability Insurance
DIBData Integrity Board
DOBDate of Birth
DODDepartment of Defense
DOJDepartment of Justice
DOLDepartment of Labor
DOTDepartment of Transportation
EEOEqual Employment Opportunity
EEOCEqual Employment Opportunity Commission
EINEmployer Identification Number
EITCEarned Income Tax Credit
EMEmergency Message
ENEmployment Network
ESExecutive Staff
ESREmployment Support Representative
EVSEmployee Verification Services
FASFinancial Accounting System
FEHBPFederal Employees Health Benefit Plan
FERSFederal Employees’ Retirement System
FMAXFamily Maximum
FNSFood and Nutrition Services (USDA)
FOField Office
FRAFull Retirement Age
FTEFulltime Equivalent
FYFiscal Year
GAOGeneral Accounting Office
GCGeneral Counsel
GPOGovernment Pension Offset
GRHGraham-Rudman-Hollings Amendment
GSGeneral Schedule
GSAGovernment Services Administration
HCFAHealth Care Financing Administration
HHSDepartment of Health and Human Services
HIHospital Insurance
IAAInteragency Agreement
IDMSIntegrated Disability Management System
IFPTEInternational Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers
IFRInterim Final Rule
IGInspector General
IIHIIndividually Identifiable Health Information
INSImmigration and Naturalization Service
I&RIncome and Resources
IRCInternal Revenue Code
IRCSIncarceration Report Control System
IRDInterim Review Draft
IRSInternal Revenue Service
ITABInformation Technology Advisory Board
IVTInteractive Video Training
LAELimitation on Administrative Expenses
LAPRLawfully Admitted for Permanent Residence
MBRMaster Beneficiary Record
MCSModernized Claims Systems
MEMedical Expert
MEFMaster Earnings File
MERMedical Evidence of Record
MOEMonth of Election
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MSSICSModernized Supplemental Security Income Claims System
NAPASNational Association of Protection and Advocacy Systems
NPRMNotice of Proposed Rulemaking
NTEUNational Treasury Employees Union
OAGOffice of Acquisitions and Grants (DCFAM)
OACTOffice of the Chief Actuary
OASIOld-Age and Survivor’s Insurance
OASDIOld-Age, Survivors’ and Disability Insurance
OBOffice of Budget (DCFAM)
OCSEOffice of Child Support Enforcement (HHS)
ODAROffice of Disability Adjudication and Review
ODDOffice of Disability Determinations (DCDISP)
ODPOffice of Disability Programs (DCDISP)
OFinOffice of Finance (DCFAM)
OFPOOffice of Financial Policy and Operations (DCFAM)
OGCOffice of General Counsel
OMBOffice of Management and Budget
OpBOperations Bulletin
OPLMOffice of Pulications and Logistics Management (DCFAM)
OPMOffice of Personnel Management
P&AProtection and Advocacy
PARPerformance and Accountability Report
PASSPlan for Achieving Self-Support
PCProgram Circular
PCCDRPersonal Computer Continuing Disability Review
PEBESPersonal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement
PIAPrimary Insurance Amount
PLPulic Law
PMRSPerformance Management and Recognition System
POSPostentitlement Online System
POWPrisoner of War
PROPeer Review Organization
PSCProgram Service Center
PUPSPrisoner Update Processing System
RCRegional Commissioner
RCOReport Clearance Officer
RCTReport Clearance Team
RIBRetirement Insurance Benefits
RIFReduction In Force
RMAReferral and Monitoring Agency
RORegional Office
RPRepresentative Payee
RRBRailroad Retirement Board
SBASmall Business Administration
SEISelf-Employment Income
SGASubstantial Gainful Activity
SMISupplemental Medical Insurance
SOCSub Object Classification
SSASocial Security Administration
SSABSocial Security Advisory Board
SSISupplemental Security Income (SSI)
SSNSocial Security Number
SSRSupplemental Security Record
SVBSpecial Veterans’ Benefits
TANFTemporary Assistance for Needy Families
TINTaxpayer Identification Number
TNTransmittal Notice
TSCTeleservice Center
TSPThrift Savings Plan
USCUnited States Code
USDADepartment of Agriculture
VADepartment of Veterans’ Affairs
VEVocational Expert
VRVocational Rehabilitation
WCWorkers’ Compensation
WEPWindfall Elimination Provision