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The Social Security Basic Process

Social Security Basic Process, RepresentMyselfWhen a person files an application for disability benefits, the Disability Determination Services (DDS) department is the organization that makes the determination on whether the applicant is approved or not.

The applicant may be eligible based on physical or medical disability benefits.  The first step in an application for disability benefits to the DDS is to complete an application and make sure that all non-medical facts such as employment, age, marital status, etc. are reviewed.

After verifying the non-medical information on the application, the applicant’s file is then sent to the DDS where they will assign an examiner to review the case.

If the examiner decides your case meets the criteria for obtaining disability benefits, you will be approved.

If you receive a denial of your disability application you will have the opportunity to pursue a reconsideration claim through the DDS as well.

Social Security Basic Process, RepresentMyselfDetermining whether a claimant is considered disabled or blind according to the law is a job done by examiners who are employed by Disability Determination Services.

The claimant will provide medical information on their disability application that the examiner will then use to fill out an RFC form (Residual Functional Capacity)

Getting approved for disabilities requires that five criteria are met.  If the Disability Determination Services examiner determines the five criteria are met, then the claim should be accepted.