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Section Three – Social Security Disability Hearing Guide, RepresentMyself

Section Three

Denied on your appeal and now you have a hearing scheduled with an administrative law judge? Section Three is for YOU.

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  • Disability Estimation Tool
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Representing yourself at a disability hearing can be difficult and a little scary, so we put together an easy-to-follow guide with videos and checklists to walk you through the process. Follow the six steps provided to learn how to prepare for and succeed at your disability hearing. Our Represent Myself team is always there for you every step of the way to ensure you know the Social Security disability process and the upcoming hearing inside and out.

Videos + Documents + Tips

Step 1: Hearing Guide Overview – video (4m:50s)
Step 2: Before You Request a Hearing – video  (10m:30s)
Step 3: Requesting a Hearing – video (14m:14s)
Step 4: Prehearing Development – video (20m:36s)
Step 5: The hearing – this chapter includes 2 videos (9m:40s) (21m:33s)
Step 6: Understanding Your Decision

Section Three – Social Security Disability Hearing Guide, RepresentMyself

Everything in one place

Our forms library holds over 100 documents and new forms are added weekly. The library gives you access to forms that can help build up and support your case for social security disability benefits, such as sample doctor’s letters to help support your case along with personalized medical check lists. Multiple documents are included that can help your case go through the review process faster, so that you can get your decision months sooner.

Active Community

Ask questions and contribute your experiences in our Represent Myself disability forum. Our detailed articles are designed to help you learn more about what it takes to win your disability claim. The disability benefits estimator located under the TOOLS tab can help you calculate what your payment amounts could before you have even be awarded. Prior to going to your hearing you can look up reviews on your judge and find out the percentages of cases he/she has approved. Don’t forget to read comments from other disability claimants like yourself that have gone through a hearing with your judge.


On-demand Support

If you are not sure what a certain term or acronym means? Look it up in our glossary. With real support from an experienced staff who have helped thousands of people just like you with their disability claims. Master the Social Security Disability Benefits process and win the benefits you deserve without paying the high cost of an attorney. Do it yourself and get started today.
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