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Frequently a claimant has a disabling condition that does not meet a listing in the Social Security List of Impairments. That does not mean you aren’t eligible for disability benefits. You may still be approved for benefits because of a medical-vocational allowance.

A medical-vocational allowance takes into consideration your condition and how it affects factors related to your ability to work, including your age, job skills, education level, and functional limitations. Social Security will try to determine if there is a possibility you can be trained for another line of work.

To increase your chances of being approved for disability through a medical vocational allowance, you need to give specific and detailed information about your medical history and treatment. You should also give a detailed history of any work you have done in the past and what your duties were. This gives the examiner valuable information about how your disability limits your ability to work. If the examiner can determine it’s not possible for you to work, you have a better chance of being approved for disability benefits even if you don’t meet a specified listing.

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