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Before You Apply


Step two includes a video that explains what you need to know before you apply for disability, and links to helpful documents.

After you watch this video, we suggest you review the following documents.
You can also print them to look at later.

Application Checklist
A list of the documents you must gather to complete the application.

Tips for Using the Social Security Website
The easiest way to apply is on the Social Security Website.
These tips will help you naviate.


Speeding Up Your Claim – Critical Cases

While the disability claim process normally takes a long time to complete,
there are ways to speed it up if you meet the criteria of a “Critical Case.”
Review this document to find out whether you meet the criteria.

Critical Case Guidelines

If you feel that you meet the criteria for a Critical Case, click these links for more information.

Dire Need Request Sample Letter
Wounded Warrior Documentation
Compassionate Allowance List

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