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What San Diego, California Residents Need to Know About SSDI and SSI Benefits

San Diego California SSI and SSDI Benefits, RepresentMyselfThe city of San Diego’s residents wants to know what to do to receive benefits when they become disabled.  Many aren’t aware of how long the process takes or what it entails.  That’s why it’s so important to address these issues here.  An informed citizen is an empowered citizen. Information courtesy of the San Diego Disability Help Center.

The Difference Between the Two Disability Benefits

Some people are under the illusion that social security is only meant for retirees.  That’s not true in the least.  Remember the payments you made to the Social Security Administration (SSA)?  They help you qualify for SSDI.

What if, however, you didn’t work enough to qualify for SSDI?  What can you expect?  You may qualify for SSI which is income based.  It’s reserved for people who have little or no work history.

San Diego California SSI and SSDI Benefits, RepresentMyselfShort-Term Disability Insurance

Short-Term Disability Insurance (SDI) is also available to assist San Diegans with their financial needs.  It’s available to people who were employed or actively seeking work during the time of their disability.  The qualifiers are very different than SSDI and SSI but a medical doctor must complete the part of the form that certifies your disability so keep that in mind.  Medical records play a big role in the disability application process.

A disability judge hears your case and makes the final determination.  In some cases, you’re eligible for disability reconsideration.  If you have any doubt, contact your local field office for support.  They’ll be able to give you detailed information based on your unique circumstances.

Your Benefits Each Month                                 
San Diego California SSI and SSDI Benefits, RepresentMyself

Your benefits are dependent on what type of disability you have.  On average, everyone on SSI is eligible for the same base pay of $733.  Couples, however, receive $1,100.  Federal rates change based on the cost of living.  If you bring in any kind of money or receive financial support elsewhere, you may get less than the average.  Countable income lowers the amount of SSI a person receives.

Your Local Field Office Has Answers

Don’t do without because you don’t know what to do.  This article addresses the most basic details about Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  You’ll receive more detailed information from the SSA field office in San Diego.  The employees staffed there are capable of addressing your individual needs.  The SSA takes into account your unique circumstances when approving or denying your application for financial relief.