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Morgantown West Virginia, RepresentMyselfSocial Security Relief for Morgantown, West Virginia Residents

Social security benefits await disabled Morgantown residents.  They do, however, need to fill out an application and complete the requirements as outlined by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  This article seeks to inform interested individuals about the application process.

The Application Process and What It Entails

Morgantown West Virginia, RepresentMyselfThe application process is involved and requires information from you.  Access to medical records is one thing that is asked for by the SSA.  They’ll also determine financial need and the type of work you did in the past.  They’ll decide whether or not you’re disabled and capable of doing other types of work.

You’ll be asked to give a statement about your disability and how it affects your life.  The Disability Determination Section (DDS) is the office that makes the final decision based on the information provided.  Keep in mind that only 25% of individuals in Huntington and other cities in the state get approved for social security benefits at the initial application state.  The national average is 32%.

Eight percent of applicants receive approval at a reconsideration review and 58% receive it during an appeal hearing.  The hearing wait time in West Virginia is longer than the national average of 349 days.  It’s 385 days which is well over a year so prepare accordingly.

Morgantown West Virginia, RepresentMyselfWhat to Expect Each Month

Morgantown and other residents of the state of West Virginia that are disabled received federal benefits but not state.  The amount an individual receives is based on an average as well as his or her sources of income.  The base rate for a man or woman is $733 per month.  The base rate for a couple is $1,100.  Free rental, non-profit assistance, and even money from family and friends is factored in and can affect the amount of SSI a person receives.  If you’re not sure how to account for income, contact your local SSA field office for more information.

Morgantown West Virginia, RepresentMyselfGet to Know Your Benefits

Applying for social security relief in Morgantown, West Virginia takes time.  Now that you know what is required of you, you’ll fill out the application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) with ease.  Knowing how long you’ll wait to receive your benefits helps you budget your finances accordingly.  You’ll know exactly how much you’ll receive each month which offers you peace of mind and security in the future.