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Montgomery Alabama, RepresentMyselfGetting Your Social Security Benefits in Montgomery, Alabama

Montgomery residents with disabilities may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  Benefits provide much needed financial relief and support to people in need.  A loss of income can financially devastate an individual or family.  That’s why it’s important for men and women to know what is being asked of them when they fill out an application for social security benefits.

Montgomery Alabama, RepresentMyselfWhat the Application Process is Like

Before approving an application, the Social Security Administration follows a rigorous set of standards that determine eligibility.  For example, the very first step is to determine whether or not a person is financially eligible to receive benefits.  The second step is to explore the medical eligibility of a candidate.  Disability Determination Services (DDS) take a number of different factors and information into account when making its decision.

One such thing is your medical records.  They’ll pore over them to get an idea about your disability and its limitations.  They’ll also take into account physical and psychological evidence.  Your statement plays a big role in the deciding process.  They’ll consider how the disability affects your life and the lives of your family members, too.  Families with children incur more expenses on average than individuals or couples without kids.

Montgomery Alabama, RepresentMyselfYour Financial Benefits Explained

You may qualify for federal and state social security benefits depending on your disability.  The federal average for the city of Montgomery is $698 per individual and $1,048 per couple monthly.  Additional resources are allotted by the state of Alabama.  It depends on the SSI recipient’s living arrangements.

Special consideration is taken for individuals receiving care at home and those receiving care in a treatment center or facility.  Individual and couples qualify based on their unique circumstances.  People who are ordinarily turned down for SSI because of elevated levels of income may qualify for a state supplementation payment.  The state of Alabama awards this to eligible disabled people.

Montgomery Alabama, RepresentMyselfGet Your Application In as Soon as You Can

Get the financial relief you need by contacting your local Montgomery, Alabama Social Security Administration office.  Learn more about what it takes to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  Once you know the process, you’ll have no trouble filling out the right forms, supplying the requested information, and receiving the benefits you’re entitled to.  Keep in mind the disability hearing process can take up to almost a year to take place so the sooner you complete an application for benefits, the better.