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Los Angeles California, RepresentMyselfWhat to Do to Qualify for Social Security Benefits in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles residents have a lot of questions concerning social security benefits and for good reason.  If you don’t understand the application process, you’ll have a hard time receiving the financial support you need to survive.  By taking a few moments to explain how it works, we empower citizens by giving them the tools they need to apply for and receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Los Angeles California, RepresentMyselfHow the Application Process Works

Here’s how the application process works.  First, you must fill out an application and supply the Social Security Administration (SSA) field office in the city of Los Angeles with the proper documentation proving your disability.  Next, they will determine whether you meet financial eligibility requirements.

After they decide that you do, they’ll go over your medical history to confirm you have a disability.  They’ll also look into work you can do with your disability to see if it’s possible for you to still earn income.  A disability hearing in front of a judge is one of the final processes.  On average, it takes over a year to present your case so be prepared to take the steps necessary to acquire paperwork, medical history, and even your statement.

Los Angeles California, RepresentMyselfWhat You’ll Receive                              

People living in Los Angeles receive federal benefits.  Some may even receive short-term disability benefits from the state.  It’s all dependent on work and medical history.  The average payout for SSI federally is $733 a month for individuals.  Couples with disabilities get slightly more.  They’re monthly benefit check is $1,100.  Again, this varies from person to person.

If you have countable income of any type, you won’t receive as much in SSI as people who don’t have additional means of support.  If you receive free food, free rent, and even free money from family or friends, your benefits each month will be significantly less.  That’s why it’s important to plan ahead before applying for disability benefits.  Your hearing date may even be scheduled a year in the future.

Los Angeles California, RepresentMyselfGet the Assistance You Need

Knowing what qualifies a person for an SSDI and SSI in the city of Los Angeles helps disabled people get the financial support they need.  Now that you have a better idea about the difference between the two types of benefits, you know which to apply for.  When in doubt, contact your local Social Security Administration field office for answers.  They’ll be able to assist you with your inquiry and help you fill out your application for benefits if needed.