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Lexington Kentucky, RepresentMyselfA Lexington, Kentucky Resident’s Guide to Social Security Benefits

A loss of income is enough to financially sink an individual or family.  For Lexington residents suffering from disabilities, Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provides a steady source of financial relief.  Knowing how to apply for benefits helps men, women, and children in Kentucky receive the necessities and support they need to survive.

The Application Process and DDS’ Role

Lexington Kentucky, RepresentMyself

The application process consists of several steps.  The first determines whether or not you qualify by determining your financial eligibility for benefits.  If you do qualify, your application then goes to Disability Determination Services (DDS) for assessment of your medical condition.  If it is severe, you’re one step closer to receiving the benefits you applied for.

DDS also determines whether the specific condition or conditions you have meet the definition and requirements for receiving social security financial benefits.  They evaluate each application carefully as no two people are exactly the same.  DDS may determine that you no longer can work in the same job as you did before but that doesn’t mean that you’re incapable of performing other types of work.

Kentucky is one of 20 states testing the “Single Decision-Maker” model.  DDS workers do not need to allow a medical consultant to review a case before making a decision on it first.  An exception to this rule are claims involving a mental impairment and claims filed on behalf of a disabled child.  Filing claims electronically helps speed along the process giving the city of Lexington’s disabled population the financial support it needs to provide for itself.


Receiving SSDI or SSI benefits takes time.  Applicants go through a rigorous process to qualify.  Standards must be met before the Social Security Administration (SSA) offers financial assistance.  Once approved, monthly benefits are supplied to the disabled person.

The Amount of Your Benefits

Approximately 950,000 Kentucky residents receive some form of Social Security benefits.  The city of Lexington’s disabled residents receives up to $805 a month for a single person and $1,200 a month for a married men and women with one or two children.

Lexington Kentucky, RepresentMyselfAsk Questions When Necessary

Applying for and receiving social security benefits in Lexington, Kentucky doesn’t have to be difficult.  By following the information listed in this guide, you, too, can speed up the application process by filling out forms correctly and answering requests for additional information in a timely manner.  Receiving the benefits you’re entitled to takes a little time when you know what’s being expected of you.