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kansas-city-missouriKansas City, Missouri Social Security Administration


There are three Social Security Administration offices in Kansas City, Missouri. The first is located at 2021 Independence Ave., the second at 8620 N Green Hills Rd. and a third at 601 E 12th St #143. The toll free phone number for each is (800) 772-1213.

Kansas City Missouri, RepresentMyself


If you were employed in the greater Kansas City area and were injured at work or became ill and are unable to work you may qualify for SSI or SSDI through the Social Security Administration.

It is a system that has been set up in every state of the country to protect employees that have an injury or illness. If this occurs then the worker can apply for benefits or lost wages through the SSA.

Kansas City Missouri, RepresentMyself

Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds. There are many reasons that the SSA could deny benefits. It is a complex system and even the Social Security Administration recommends that persons who are attempting to get benefit claims do so with help.

If you were previously working you can ask your employer to fill out a statement about how your work has changed due to your illness or injury. Your doctors, neighbors, close friends and family who see firsthand what difficulties you experience on a daily basis with your disability can write a supporting statement. After receiving the statement be sure to submit it with your application to the Social Security Administration. All supporting statements can increase your chance of being awarded benefits.

Kansas City Missouri, RepresentMyselfDo Not Underplay Your Disability

No matter how small or minor an injury may seem do not ‘man up’. Inform social security of every condition and limitation you have with your disabilities. This is called creating a paper trail. It will be necessary to compile everything into one file and will help when the case analyst with social security needs to make a decision on your behalf. Do not underplay illness and injury – your family is counting on you as a breadwinner.