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jackson-mississippiThe Social Security Office of Jackson, Mississippi


The Social Security Administration field office is located in Jackson, Ms at 100 W Capitol St, Jackson, MS 39269. Their toll free number is (866) 331-8135.

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Jackson Mississippi, RepresentMyselfThe time has finally arrived. You have been working for ten, twenty maybe thirty years or more and you have come to a point where you are unable to work anymore. Now if your employer has been paying into social security on your behalf then you are in line to receive benefits. To better understand if you are able to receive social security you can make an appoint to speak to a Social Security representative in the field office of Jackson, Mississippi or you can call the SSA and speak to someone on the phone.

You may also want to check Represent and read how the process works as well as how you can get started in social security case.

Jackson Mississippi, RepresentMyselfPeople who are interested in SSI can fill out the application online as well! That means you never have to leave the comfort of your home to start the application process. The advantage to filling out the paperwork at home is you can start the application and stop as often as you want and the answers will be saved. Still another advantage of applying online is that once you press the submit button you are probably done and the SSA has gotten your application underway!

Important Information

There are a few pieces of information you will need before you sit down and start the application process for benefits. First and foremost – you should know your medical history. Jackson Mississippi, RepresentMyselfWhile you can start receiving benefits early if you have an extreme circumstance. Most people start to get benefits within the first month if they are found to have a dire need for financial assistance.

While many people can qualify for either SSDI or SSI, in some cases claimants qualify for both. You are advised to speak to a Social Security Administration representative in Jackson, MS prior to making a final decision. They are trained to offer sound advice.