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Houston Texas, RepresentMyselfTaking the Stress Out of Applying for Social Security Benefits in Houston, Texas

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are two entirely different benefits paid out by the Social Security Administration (SSA).  Although they share a similar name, each has its own list of eligibility requirements.  For example, SSDI is available to disabled Houston, Texas workers who paid in a certain amount of credits for working a specific amount of time.

The Application Process

houston-texasKnowing how to apply for social security disability benefits is something that people want to know more about.  It’s important to understand the requirements and the qualifications so your application moves quickly through the evaluation process.  Once approved, you’re entitled to regular monthly benefits depending on what type of social security benefits you’re granted.

SSDI and SSI are different but both require certain criteria for approval.  For example, did you know that recipients of SSI do not qualify for SSDI?  SSI is financial need based.  It does not go off the credit system SSDI does.  It’s for disabled individuals and couples who either never worked or didn’t work long enough to earn the credits needed to qualify for SSDI.

What You’ll Get in Texas for Social Security Benefits

Houston Texas, RepresentMyselfIn Texas, SSDI award amounts depend on how much you paid into Social Security while working.  SSI is different.  Individuals, on average, receive $698 per month and couples receive $1,048 per month.  This is, of course, for individuals with no countable income.

Countable income includes support from friends and family as well as non-profits.  It includes money made from jobs as well as any free food or shelter you receive.  Even your tax refund is accounted for when receiving SSI.  If you receive no money or assistance whatsoever, you’ll receive the maximum benefits SSI offers.

The state of Texas offers Houston residents living in a Medicaid facility such as a nursing home, additional benefits.  Up to $60 extra a month is given to qualifying applicants.  Couples living together in a Medicaid facility are considered two individuals once they’ve lived together more than 30 days in said facility.

Houston Texas, RepresentMyself
Ask for Additional Help When You Need It

Don’t let a stressful situation prevent you from getting the financial relief and support you deserve.  Contact your local Houston, Texas Social Security Administration for more information today.  Get the benefits you deserve and need to survive by filling out an application, supplying the necessary documents to qualify for relief, and waiting patiently for a reply from the SSA.  You don’t need to suffer from your disability financially.