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hattiesburg-mississippiThe Hattiesburg, Mississippi Field Office of the Social Security Administration


The address for the Hattiesburg, MS SSA field office is 1911 Broadway Dr, Hattiesburg, MS 39402. They can be reached by phone at: (601) 264-9749.

What Evidence is Required to Establish Your Right to Benefits?

For a person to receive any type of benefits – retirement, workmen’s compensation, disability, medicare or other – you must first be able to prove who you are. In other words, you must be able to establish your identity without a doubt. Fortunately, the representatives at the field office of the Social Security Administration in Hattiesburg, Miss. can provide you with a list of additional documentation you may need to apply for benefits prior to placing a claim.

Hattiesburg Mississippi, RepresentMyself

For example, if you are seeking survivor benefits you must be able to establish you are the spouse of the deceased. The same is true if you are seeking benefits for surviving children.  There is also a separate list of documentation needed to apply for the lump-sum death payment. Many people are unaware that this is an option when the breadwinner of the family has passed.

More on the Subject of Evidence

When the Social Security Administration asks for documentation they want only original documents or certified copies of original records. You cannot photocopy something by yourself and turn that it. It will not be accepted. You may submit personal statements, but they often need accompanying witness signatures.

Hattiesburg Mississippi, RepresentMyself

Be aware that if you provide false or misleading statements deliberately or inadvertently can cause legal action against you that can result in a fine or imprisonment or both.

How the SSA Evaluates Evidence

There are a number of things the SSA Hattiesburg office will take into account when evaluating the evidence you present to support your request for benefits. First, they will consider the source from which the information was given or record made. Was the individual or organization supporting the claim in a position to know if it is factual?

Hattiesburg Mississippi, RepresentMyselfNext, what was the purpose of recording the information? Could it have been doctored for the purpose of receiving benefits illegally or is it something that is documented on a regular basis? Too, is the document a matter of public record? Was it given under oath? And what has been the chain of command of that document?

Finally, the authorities of the Social Security Administration in the Hattiesburg, Mississippi office will actually consider whether or not the document looks altered or falsified in some way. For example, are there erasures or blur marks? They will then inform you if you will need to offer further substantiation or not. Be prepared to respond if asked.