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Qualifying for Social Security Benefits in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Do you know much about social security benefits?  Would you even know how to apply in Fayetteville for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?  If you don’t, you’ll appreciate the guidance and support provided in this article.  It provides insight on the application process as well as what to expect after you’ve submitted the requested information to the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Fayetteville Arkansas, RepresentMyselfHow to Apply for Benefits

Applying for benefits right away is advisable as it takes a long time to get approved for SSDI or SSI.  In fact, in the state of Arkansas, a disability hearing takes up to 420 days to schedule.  That’s longer than the national average which is just under a year at 348 days.

Having the appropriate forms filled out and documentation ready to provide to the SSA helps streamline the process and prevents any errors from costing you the benefits you need for you and your family.  Take into account they will review your medical history so having those documents on hand is wise.  If you’ve signed a waiver with your medical provider, he or she will provide the requested information themselves.

Fayetteville Arkansas, RepresentMyselfWhat Will My Monthly Benefits Be?

Many Fayetteville residents with disabilities ask, “What will my monthly benefits be?”  It’s dependent on many different things including whether it’s SSDI or SSI you qualify for.  If it’s SSI, you must prove that you’re in financial need.  You must also prove that you have a disability by offering Disability Determination Systems access to your medical records.

If you are considered disabled, you’ll get the base average of $733 per month for individuals and $1,100 for couples.  If you have the income to account for, that will be factored in as well.  Help from family, friends and even non-profits can affect how much you receive in monthly benefits.  It’s important to keep this in mind because a person who has some income will receive a different amount than a person with no income.

Fayetteville Arkansas, RepresentMyselfEvery Situation is Different

Fayetteville, Arkansas residents now know what it takes to apply for and receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  Keep in mind that every situation differs.  Although someone you know may receive benefits due to a similar disability or scenario, that doesn’t mean that you will.  Keeping a good written record of your condition helps speed along the application process.  Make sure to backup any electronic documents and to scan receipts and printed paperwork for future reference.