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dallas-texasWhat You Need to Know to Apply for Social Security Benefits in Dallas, Texas

Dallas residents want to know more about the application process required to receive social security benefits.  It’s important to understand the difference between Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  To qualify for either, you must apply for benefits and submit the proper documentation as requested by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

What They’ll Ask For

dallas-texas2The local SSA field office in Dallas receives your application and then determines whether or not you are eligible to receive social security benefits.  Once they conclude that you are financially qualified, they’ll take a look at your medical history to determine the extent of your disability.  They’ll also consider the type of work you did and what kinds of work you’re still able to do now.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to provide copies of your medical history.  They may ask you for a statement about your disability too.  You’ll want to provide this information to them as early as possible because the waiting period for a disability trail is 240 days which is significantly shorter than the national average of 349 days.

Do note that only 38% of applicants receive approval during the initial application phase.  12.7% receive it during the reconsideration review, and 41% receive approval during the appeal hearing.  It’s lower than the nation’s average of 58.3%.

Dallas Texas, RepresentMyselfWhat You’ll Receive

What you’ll receive on a monthly basis depends solely on what type of benefits you qualify for.  For example, SSDI recipients and SSI recipients receive different amounts.  SSDI is based on how much a worker paid in while working.  SSI accounts for the fact that many applicants never worked or didn’t work long enough to qualify for SSDI.

Individuals receiving SSI receive $698 per month on average and couples receive $1,048 a month if they’re both disabled.  Those living in nursing homes and other Medicaid facilities receive an additional state supplement of $60.

Dallas Texas, RepresentMyselfHow Long You’ll Wait

Now that you know what the application process for social security benefits in Dallas, Texas entails, you’ll be better prepared for it.  You’ll have the documents you need to prove your disability and know which application to fill out to receive aid.  More importantly, you’ll have an idea as to when you’ll hear more about your application and how much you’ll receive in financial relief each month when you do get approved.