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Columbia South Carolina, RepresentMyselfThe SSA of Columbia, South Carolina


You will find the Social Security Administration offices of Columbia, South Carolina at 1835 Assembly St, Columbia, SC 29201. They can be reached by phone at (866) 964-7594. It may be helpful to note that the Social Security Disability Advocates of America, LLC. (also a Social Security Office) is also located in the city at 2601 Read St, Columbia, SC 29204.

Valuable Information About the Social Security Administration

Columbia South Carolina, RepresentMyselfThe fact is there ae many different people that may be involved in filing for and receiving Social Security benefits of any type in Columbia, S. C.  Beginning with the Social Security Administration itself which will be overseeing your case from beginning to end. They are the first to receive the application, and they will create and manage your file. If your case goes smoothly and you are awarded disability benefits on the first try, then they will be responsible for calculating your monthly payment. They also issue the checks or, in today’s world of electronic banking – direct deposit your payments.

Disability Determination Services

Another important office that may become involved in your case is the Disability Determination Services (DDS). This becomes step two of the process. Once your application has been reviewed by the Social Security Administration in Columbia, South Carolina, it will then be sent to the DDA.

Columbia South Carolina, RepresentMyselfThey are in charge of selecting a medical examiner that is knowledgeable about your particular disability and he or she will review all aspects of your application and medical record. They will determine if yours is a viable application and either approve or deny your request for benefits. Then, they will send their findings back to the SSA who will advise you of the decision.

If your request for benefits is denied initially and you reapply the DDS will handle the first appeal as well.

The Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR)

Appeals that are denied and resubmitted go through a hierarchy of reviewers. The ODAR is responsible for second level appeals on behalf of the SSA. If your request reaches this level than

Columbia South Carolina, RepresentMyselfAn Administrative Law Judge will conduct the hearing. You must appear and be prepared to answer questions. It is interesting to note that this office can award disability benefits even if they were initially denied.

In other words, don’t despair. There are three hundred thirty million Americans in this country – many near retirement age or having some other need that they are requesting intervention for by the Social Security Administrative. If the process feels too much like a maze, consider hiring an attorney who specializes in social security benefits in the Columbia, S.C. area.