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biloxi-mississippiBiloxi, Mississippi Social Security Administration Offices


The location of the Social Security office in Biloxi, MS is 9394 Three Rivers Rd, Gulfport, MS 39503. The toll free number to speak to a representative is (877) 897-0609.


Biloxi Mississippi, RepresentMyself

The SSA addresses a variety of needs of citizens in the United States. They provide retirement support, disability payments, worker’s compensation, children’s and spouse’s survivor benefits and more. One of the most common needs they serve through the Biloxi office is SSI and SSDI. Let us consider both of these.

Types of Disabilities

There are a variety of disabilities that can be considered by Biloxi and surrounding area to meet Social Security Administration field offices expectations. This includes everything from autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular system disorders, and a variety of mental disorders including bipolar disorders, panic disorders, post-traumatic disorders and much more. If you have experienced post-traumatic distress disorder or other types or other types of psychological disorders then the SSA will address these issues.

Biloxi Mississippi, RepresentMyselfThe aforementioned are almost universally accepted as viable health conditions that make it all but impossible to get or maintain gainful employment. You can add digestive system disorders to the list as well as tissue and joint disorders. In addition, mental, psychological and cognitive conditions can also interfere with one’s ability to stay employed – on a par with physical conditions. People who suffer from panic attacks or post-traumatic stress disorder certainly fall under the heading of being long-term disabled. So does bipolar disorder and stress. The Autism Spectrum is a third example of the types of cognitive disorders that can interfere with an individual’s ability to work. All of the conditions mentioned will often prevent people from enjoying their personal life fully or at all, and would naturally impact employment possibilities for those who live in Biloxi, MS. And all would naturally have a good possibility of receiving social security disability benefits.

What is Factored into the Evaluation of a Disability Claim?

Biloxi Mississippi, RepresentMyselfOnce an application is submitted to the Biloxi, Miss. field office of the Social Security Administration it will be forwarded to a separate division where it is assigned to a Medical Examiner who has an expertise in your type of disability. They will gather further information to determine if you qualify for disability benefits. They will look into current treatments and recent or up-to-date evaluations of the disorder and how it affects people. Of course, your personal essay on its impact will be important as well.

The Medical Examiner will make a determination and then send this back to the SSA who will notify you if you are eligible for benefits or not. Even if you are not awarded benefits ‘out of the gate’ from the Biloxi field office you may appeal.