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austin-texasAn Austin, Texas Resident’s Guide to Social Security SSDI and SSI Benefits

Living in Austin with a disability doesn’t have to be bad.  In many cases, a loss of income is temporary because disability benefits are available.  In order to receive the funds, however, you must first fill out an application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  From there, Disability Determination Services (DDS) decides whether or not you’re disabled enough to receive regular benefits.

How Many Applications are Approved?

Austin Texas, RepresentMyselfThe number of applications approved in the initial application stage is slightly higher than the nation’s average of 34%.  In Texas, it’s 38%.  The number of applicants approved during the reconsideration review is 12.7% and the nation’s average is 11.3%.  During the appeal hearing time, 41% of Austin and other Texas city residents are approved for disability benefits.  That’s lower than the nation’s average of 58.3%, though.

Count on waiting at least 240 days on average for a disability hearing if you make it to that stage.  Texas is far faster than the national average of 349 days but you may still have to wait longer than what’s predicted depending on the number of applications the city of Austin receives throughout the year.

austin-texas2What Will I Receive When I’m Approved?

The amount of your SSDI monthly benefits depends on how much you paid into Social Security when you were working.  SSI, however, has a base pay.  For example, an individual will receive up to $698 a month and couples receive up to $1,048 as long as they don’t have countable income.  Countable income includes support from family, friends, and non-profit organizations.

It also includes free food and shelter, income from working, and income tax refunds.  Keep this in mind when calculating the amount of your disability payments.  You will not receive the full amount allotted to people without countable income if you’re receiving assistance elsewhere.

Austin Texas, RepresentMyselfContact Your Local SSA Field Office with Your Questions

You can’t start if you don’t know where to begin.  Filling out an application for SSDI or SSI benefits in Austin, Texas takes time.  It may take even longer to be approved for benefits.  For that reason alone, it’s important to make sure your application is error-free.  Now that you know how to fill out forms and supply additional information to the SSA, you’re set.  Additional inquiries regarding your application can be directed to the Social Security Administration field office in your city.