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Medical-Vocational Allowance

By Chad H on Saturday , June 28th , 2014 in Disability Benefits, Terms & Definitions /

Frequently a claimant has a disabling condition that does not meet a listing in the Social Security List of Impairments. That does not mean you aren’t eligible for disability benefits. You may still be approved for benefits because of a medical-vocational allowance. A medical-vocational allowance takes into consideration your condition and how it affects factors related to your Read More…

Social Security List of Impairments

By Chad H on Tuesday , June 17th , 2014 in Disability Benefits, Terms & Definitions /

When evaluating a condition, the disability examiner consults the Social Security List of Impairments, sometimes called the “blue book.” Within each category there is a statement describing the disorder and criteria. The examiner determines if the claimant fits the category according to diagnosis and severity based on the claimants’ functional limitations. If the impairment is Read More…

What is Substantial Gainful Activity?

By Chad H on Sunday , June 8th , 2014 in Disability Application, Disability Benefits, Terms & Definitions /

Some applicants are able to work and earn a small income. Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) is work done by a disability applicant that earns that person enough money to support themselves. The Social Security Administration determines whether an individual is gainfully employed. For 2014, the amount was $1,070 ($1,800 for blind applicants) per month; not including income from Read More…

Expert Witness

By Chad H on Monday , April 28th , 2014 in Disability Hearing, Terms & Definitions /

Expert witnesses are people who are paid to attend disability hearings and give a professional opinion on your ability to return to work. There are two types – medical and vocational. They are contracted by the Social Security office. Your hearing notice will state if a medical and/or vocational expert will be present at your hearing. Read More…

SSDI Back Pay

By Chad H on Monday , April 28th , 2014 in Disability Benefits, Terms & Definitions /

SSDI back pay is money you should have received as disability benefits during the time your application and hearing were being processed. Receiving disability benefits can be a long, drawn out process that can take anywhere from several months to several years. Because of this, if you are approved for benefits, you are entitled to compensation Read More…

Disability Determination Services (DDS)

By Chad H on Thursday , March 20th , 2014 in Disability Appeal, Disability Application, Terms & Definitions /

DDS stands for Disability Determination Services. This is the department that decides whether a person is medically eligible – physically or mentally – to qualify for disability benefits. Applications for disability benefits are first submitted to the claimant’s local Social Security field offices, where the non-medical facts (age, employment, marital status, etc.) are verified. Then the Read More…