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What is ODAR?

By Chad H on Tuesday , June 17th , 2014 in Disability Benefits, Disability Hearing /

The Office of Disability Adjudication and Review is most often referred to as ODAR. The office is responsible for holding hearings and making decisions to determine whether a claimant is eligible to receive disability benefits after they’ve been denied DDS. ODAR only receives your case after both your initial application and your first appeal have been denied by Read More…

Decision Letter

By Chad H on Thursday , June 12th , 2014 in Disability Benefits, Disability Hearing /

When you receive your decision letter, it will state whether you have been denied or approved for disability benefits. If you have been approved, you may be approved fully or partially. Full approval means that the Administrative Law Judge has agreed that you should receive disability, and you will receive back pay all the way back Read More…

Waiting for Disability

By Chad H on Sunday , May 18th , 2014 in Disability Benefits, Disability Hearing /

It’s no secret that waiting for a hearing decision can be a long process. Administrative Law Judges are often back-logged with cases, and the judge may have to wait for further medical evidence before making a decision. The complexity of your case can also contribute to a longer wait time. Here are some things you can do Read More…

Expert Witness

By Chad H on Monday , April 28th , 2014 in Disability Hearing, Terms & Definitions /

Expert witnesses are people who are paid to attend disability hearings and give a professional opinion on your ability to return to work. There are two types – medical and vocational. They are contracted by the Social Security office. Your hearing notice will state if a medical and/or vocational expert will be present at your hearing. Read More…