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Applying for Disability Benefits

By Chad H on Tuesday , August 5th , 2014 in Disability Application, Disability Benefits /

When applying for disability, the disability application forms ask you to describe your impairments, whether physical or mental, what treatments you have received, medications you are taking, and how your impairment(s) affect your ability to work. It is important to be specific and thorough when filling out this application. When you first submit an application for Read More…

Initial Application Denied… Now What?

By Chad H on Sunday , August 3rd , 2014 in Disability Application, Disability Benefits /

After your initial disability application is reviewed by a DDS examiner, you’ll receive notice in the mail stating whether you were approved or denied for benefits. If you were denied, you have the right to request – asking the DDS to look at your claim again. You have 60 days to file this appeal. Just because your claim Read More…

Unemployment and Disability Benefits

By Chad H on Tuesday , June 17th , 2014 in Disability Application, Disability Benefits /

Most people cannot collect both unemployment and disability benefits at the same time. Although the SSA claims receiving unemployment does not prevent you from also receiving disability benefits, there are reasons why receiving unemployment while applying for disability could work against you. When you receive unemployment, you are stating that you are ready and able to return to Read More…

What is Substantial Gainful Activity?

By Chad H on Sunday , June 8th , 2014 in Disability Application, Disability Benefits, Terms & Definitions /

Some applicants are able to work and earn a small income. Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) is work done by a disability applicant that earns that person enough money to support themselves. The Social Security Administration determines whether an individual is gainfully employed. For 2014, the amount was $1,070 ($1,800 for blind applicants) per month; not including income from Read More…

Disability Determination Services (DDS)

By Chad H on Thursday , March 20th , 2014 in Disability Appeal, Disability Application, Terms & Definitions /

DDS stands for Disability Determination Services. This is the department that decides whether a person is medically eligible – physically or mentally – to qualify for disability benefits. Applications for disability benefits are first submitted to the claimant’s local Social Security field offices, where the non-medical facts (age, employment, marital status, etc.) are verified. Then the Read More…

Compassionate Allowances

By Chad H on Saturday , February 8th , 2014 in Disability Application /

The process of applying for disability benefits can be lengthy. Because of this, the Social Security Administration has a list of Compassionate Allowances (CAL) that qualify for a fast track to disability benefits. When a claimant has a condition that is listed under compassionate allowances, the claimant is automatically approved. This allows the SSA to quickly identify Read More…

Residual Functional Capacity Form

By Chad H on Wednesday , January 15th , 2014 in Disability Application /

A Residual Functional Capacity Form (RFC) is part of the Disability Determination examiner’s report that approves or denies your claim. It assesses your functional capacity to work after accounting for your mental or physical disability. The DDS examiner will ask a DDS physician or psychiatrist to complete the form. The physician will review your medical evidence and records, and rate Read More…