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Congratulations on winning your Social Security Supplemental Security Income(SSI) Benefits claim. This letter attempts to answer some of the common questions that people have after receiving a favorable decision from the Social Security Administration (SSA). I suggest that you keep it for future reference.

Do I have to do anything, such as visit the Social Security Office or complete forms to get paid?
How long will it take for SSA to pay me?
If six months pass from the date of the decision and I am still not paid all of my back benefits, is there anything that can be done to speed up payment?
How far back will my benefits go?
How much will my monthly SSI benefits be?
Will I receive notices from SSA explaining my benefits?
When will I get my checks?
Is there a way to convince SSA not to pay SSI back benefits in installments six months apart?
Should I sign up for direct deposit?
When I get a check or direct deposit, should I wait before I spend the money?
Why would there be a problem if I was overpaid?
Will I receive my regular monthly benefits on the first of each month?
Won’t a savings account affect my eligibility for SSI?
What are the exceptions to the asset limit?
Because I don’t have a bank account, will I have difficulty cashing my checks?
Will I be eligible for Medicare/Medi-Cal (Title 19)?
Will I be eligible for Medicare?
What does “the Appeals Council may review the decision on its own motion.” mean?
What is a continuing disability review?
What will I have to do for a continuing disability review?
What if SSA finds that my disability has ceased but I’m still not able to work?
Is there anything that I can do now to help ensure my benefits will continue?
Is SSA going to make it as difficult to keep my benefits as it did to get them in the first place?