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Congratulations on winning your Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits! We know you’ve waited a long time, and thankfully it’s over. You have been awarded your benefits… so now what?  You must have questions about what happens next, and we’ve written a series of Questions and Answers to help.

Do I have to do anything, such as visit the Social Security Office or complete some forms, in order to get paid my Social Security disability benefits?
How long will it take for SSA to pay me?
How far back will my benefits go?
What will the amount of my monthly benefits be?
Will I receive a notice from the Social Security Administration explaining my benefits?
When will I get the Notice of Award?
Should I sign up for direct deposit?
If l get paid first, should I wait until I receive the Notice of Award before I cash the check or spend my back benefits?
Why is there a problem if I am overpaid?
When will my regular monthly benefits begin?
Will I be eligible for Medicare?
The cover sheet of the favorable decision says that the Appeals Council may review the decision “on its own motion.” What does this mean?
I understand that I should not spend all of my back benefits until we figure out if attorney’s fees were withheld. Does it happen very often that attorney’s fees are not withheld?
What’s the difference between attorney’s fees and expenses?
Will the check for attorney’s fees be sent out around the same time that I get my check for back benefits?
Will I have to pay taxes on the Social Security disability benefits I receive?
What is a Continuing Disability Review?
What will I have to do for a Continuing Disability Review?
What if the Social Security Administration finds that my disability has ceased but I’m still not able to work?
Is there anything that I can do now to help ensure that my benefits will continue?
Is the Social Security Administration going to make it as difficult to keep my benefits as it did to get them in the first place?
Is there anything I can do to make dealing with the Social Security Administration easier?